Wraplus Parchment

  • Breathable and keeps food alive
  • Safety from aluminum with no side effects
  • Microwave safe and withstand in freezer
  • Bio-degradable, recyclable and reusable
  • Grease resistant and non-stick

Hot Tips

  • Baking & Cooking Paper : Parchment paper can safely be used with acidic, salty and sweet foods. Using parchment paper creates a thin airy layer between the utensil and the paper that helps regulate the temperature, neutralize hot spots and prepare delicious food with no weird aftertaste. Reduces the need to grease the pans with its grease resistant and non-stick surface.
  • Food Wrapping Paper : Breathable and keeps food alive. Safer from plastic and aluminum with no side effects. Microwave safe and withstand in freezer. Bío-degradable, recyclable and reusable. Grease resistant and non stick. Using only the finest virgin pulps, this paper is made without any harmful waxes, bleaches and unnatural chemicals or coatings that might tamper with the food.