Wraplus Sheets

This product contains an eco-friendly paper roll that can be used for wrapping various kinds of food products. The paper roll is 20 m long and it is harmless, free of chemicals, and easy to use.

  • Breathable and keeps food alive
  • Safety from aluminum with no side effects
  • Microwave safe and withstand in freezer
  • Bio-degradable, recyclable and reusable
  • Grease resistant and non-stick

Hot Tips

  • Use our paper to store and divide leftovers like chicken breasts, pizza slices, pancakes etc. for non-stick food storage.
  • Our paper makes it perfect for artfully wrapping the baked goods – and it looks chic and rustic.
  • Having kids for dinner? Use our paper to make crafty placemats! Who cares how messy the kids are? Just toss when the meal is done.
  • Make your own snack cone at home for serving fries and other munchies by simply rolling paper into cone and securing with our sealing stickers.