- Hot Tips -

  • Store your leftovers (and prevent sticking)- Use our paper to divide leftovers like chicken breasts, pizza slices, and pancakes for non-stick food storage. The same method is also great for freezing foods like burgers, bacon, tortillas, and baked goods prior to placing them in a freezer bag.
  • Artfully wrap baked goods: Our paper makes the perfect wrapping paper for baked goods- and it looks chic and rustic. After wrapping, use tape to secure and finish with twine or ribbon.
  • Make disposable and crafty placemats- Having kids over for dinner? Cut placemat-sized squares from our paper and put place settings on top. Who cares how messy the kids are? Just toss when dinner is done.
  • Cut down on microwave messes- Instead of paper towels, cover dishes in the microwave with our paper to cut down on splatter. Your microwave will thank you.
  • Make a snack cone- Don’t you love when you go to a restaurant that serves fries in a cone? Make your own at home with our paper by simply rolling the paper into a cone and securing with tape. This works great for all sorts of munchies like popcorn and nuts, too.