Our paper is made under hygienic conditions from pure wood pulp which gives excellent grease resistance and oil hold out properties.
Our paper prevents penetration of oil & fats thus retaining the original flavor and taste of food wrapped.
No negative effect on original quality of food since paper has good breathability.
Our paper is suitable to withstand wide range of environments, from hot oven to deep freezer & humidity.
Paper is made with 100% pure virgin fiber, eco-friendly and optimized for waste recycling.

Paper is an organic and inherently biodegradable packaging material. Paper decomposes at the same rate as leaves in a forest.Paper has the highest recycling rate of all packaging materials after glass, with recovered paper and board representing up to 70.4% of paper industry raw material.
A recent study shows that a wide range of paper packaging materials are industrially-compostable. High moisture content foods can benefit from a ‘breathable’ wrap by avoiding bacterial/mould growth.

Biodegradable products not only break down faster into soil, but they also consume less energy and water in the process of their production and disposal. Further, they release less harmful pollutants as compared to their conventional counterparts and alternatives.